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Water Is The Key To Life

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Dr. Debra E.S. Williams shares with you her view on consuming water. Many people do not like drinking water due to going to the bathroom constantly. Dr. Debra points out taking a tip of salt which is magnesium will drive the water deeper into your cells causing you not to go to the bathroom as often. Dr. Williams explains to us to use this formula (your weight divide by 2 then divide by 8) this should be how much glasses of water you should be consuming for your body.

Key Points To Remember According To Dr. Debra E.S. Williams:

-Our body from the neck and up is made up of 80% water

-Our body from the neck and down is made up of 70 to 75% water

-If your urine is not clear you need to consume more water

-Water is vital in the functioning of all your organs

Dr. Debra E.S. Williams ends the message with the Eight Laws Of Health

-Trust God








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