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Just like a caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly so can you. Be Transformed!  We strive continually to leave you with the best feelings and great impressions on every visit. Browse our programs, book a spiritual healing session or business coaching session  with our founder Lisa Anderson.  We appreciate your trust and time. We aim to make every moment of your time as enjoyable as possible!


The Story of KRISALLIS

Inspired by love, spirituality and culture combined with a passion for personal growth, Krisallis was launched to offer clarity readings and coaching/advisory services to individuals from all walks of life. During these moments one can ask about business, finances, career, love, relationships and spirituality.  Krisallis' goal is to ease your mind, provide insights and a way to move forward during your life path. We offer self pace and  live courses, one on one coaching experiences, clarity readings, a supportive community to our members, and events that evokes growth and self confidence. Krisallis is not just a privately-owned brand focusing on inspiring others to be their best versions of themselves, we are all about tranformation, enhancing an individual’s outlook on life and confidence level to enjoy a full life. 

Our Gift At Krisallis, what sets us apart is our distinctive sense of compassion for wanting to help others get to their next stage in their life's journey by using our spiritual gifts, knowledge, real life experiences and hands on examples. We understand people differ by culture, life experiences, environment, personality, and preference. Everyone needs changes as they continue to enter different stages of their life. So we do not offer a cookie cutter solution. Here at Krisallis, we seek to look beyond the surface and get to the root of your concern. We take our time to provide a solution that works for you. Krisallis understands risks, obstacles and challenges well whether it is in business, career, love or life itself. We know how to  remove the blind folds and lay everything on the table in order to give you a full view of your current situation. By working with Krisallis, you will find we mesh numerous key elements together in order to provide an excellent experience for you as a client. Our sessions are invigorating, insightful, and motivating. As a client you will discover more about yourself, obtain confirmation and affirmations, gain clarity, and receive directions in order to make decisions to move forward in your life. Cause, In life events will happen that can make you question your very own existance and path in life. In some stages you will get confused, stuck and pressure down with life's twists and turns and start to look for answers. Consider Krisallis a haven where you can obtain answers, guidance, growth strategies, healing techniques, tips, action plans and more. Krisallis is here to assist you in your life or professional journey. We do not want to just hear about your journey we want to be apart of your journey.

Our Mission

To bring amazing products  and services that encourage you to be the best versions of yourself. This allows you to express yourself, and also serve as motivational gifts to your loved ones. We aim to evoke special feelings, love, and delightful experience, even for the most stubborn spirit.

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